AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo

AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo

AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo will explore the opportunities surrounding both energy products as a port cargo and alternative fuels as a means to improve environmental performance. Ports throughout the Hemisphere are charting new courses regarding energy and are blazing trails as environmental leaders in their communities. Other topics may include energy planning, LNG, resiliency, climate planning and sea level rise, and MTMT environmental compliance. This virtual event will also feature separate tracks for those who plan, monitor and administer energy and environment activities, and for those responsible for marketing and communicating information about energy and environment activities.

AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo will deliver timely, relevant content from experts, exclusive networking and interaction with colleagues and educational opportunities from industry solution providers. From October 26-30, registered participants will be able to access pre-recorded content, participate in live Q&A sessions with presenters, exchange private messages with colleagues through an event app and meet with exhibitors in virtual, informal small groups. 
The event will offer companies heightened visibility through sponsorship opportunities and give exhibitors the opportunity to connect with potential customers.

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  • Exchange private messages with colleagues through the event app
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10/26/2020 - 10/30/2020

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Monday, 26 October 2020

Many ports operate in regions that fail to meet federal health-based air quality standards. Many also operate near communities that face significant air quality challenges. Consequently, port authorities and marine terminal operators have engaged in efforts to reduce emissions from freight transportation activities. Implementing best practices and communicating with port stakeholders the success of those efforts, will drive innovation, build partnerships, enhance community relations, and ultimately improve the economic and environmental performance of port authorities and marine terminal operators. 

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Robert Morris, Chief Communications Officer, Georgia Ports Authority, and AAPA Public Relations Chair
Amelia Pellegrin, Director of Sustainable Development, Port of New Orleans, and AAPA Environmental Committee Chair

On-Demand Session Topics:
Benchmarking Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollutants at Ports
Speaker: Manon Lanthier, Communications Manager, Green Marine

How to Showcase and Promote Port Emissions Reductions
Speakers: Erik Neugaard, Environmental Program Manager, Seaport Engineering and Construction Division, Port Everglades; and Alan Powell, Senior Environmental Engineer, EPA

Public Engagement for a Pathway to Zero Emissions
Amy Tharpe, Director of Social Responsibility, Port of Oakland

World Ports Climate Action Program Update
Speaker: Jacqueline Moore, Environmental Specialist, Port of Long Beach

Getting to Zero - It Begins at Berth
Speaker: Roger Strevens, Vice President, Global Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your maritime industry customers. AAPA’s unique virtual platform is the next best thing to being in person and allows your business or organization to reach a wider audience efficiently.
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
3:00 PM

Live Discussion/Q&A with the Speakers
Manon Lanthier, Green Marine
Erik Neugaard, Port Everglades
Alan Powell, EPA
Amy Tharpe, Port of Oakland
Jacqueline Moore, Port of Long Beach
Roger Strevens, Wallenius Wilhelmsen
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
4:00 PM

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Among the top priorities of Western Hemisphere ports is protecting the habitat and water quality of the oceans, rivers, creeks and wetlands surrounding their properties from the potentially damaging effects of erosion and contaminant-laden stormwater runoff, which may include metals, oil residues and nutrients from port operations. Seaports strive to be good neighbors by employing and communicating about activities, initiatives and innovative tools designed to avoid, reduce and/or mitigate any impacts from their operations.

On-Demand Session Topics:

Showcasing Port of San Diego’s #ThatsMyBay Water Quality Campaign
Speaker:  Jen Barsell, Director, Marketing & Communications, Port of San Diego; Melissa Dailey, Senior Environmental Specialist, Port of San Diego

Communicating the Handling of Water Runoff, Water Usage and Mitigation Projects
Speaker:  Mike Rickman, Deputy Director, Operations and Maintenance, North Texas Municipal Water District

Solutions for Bi-National Ballast Water Management
Paul Topping, Director of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs, Chamber of Marine Commerce

Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material
Monica Chasten, Operations Project Manager, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers' Philadelphia District

Environmental Challenges for Dredging
 William Hanson, SVP, Government Relations & Business Development, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co, LLC

Have you scheduled your exhibitor appointment? AAPA’s virtual platform is the next best thing to being in person and allows your business or organization to reach a wider audience efficiently. AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo has a lot to offer.
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
3:00 PM

Live Discussion/Q&A with the Speakers
Jen Barsell and Melissa Dailey, Port of San Diego
Mike Rickman, North Texas Municipal Water District
Paul Topping, Chamber of Marine Commerce
Monica Chasten, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers' Philadelphia District
William Hanson, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co, LLC

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
4:00 PM

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Ports face unique challenges for long-term resilience planning due to both market forces as well as exposure to hazards both natural and man-made.  Responding to these challenges remains difficult, with issues related to  electric grid sustainability ,the ability to access energy in times of an emergency (terrorist, man-made or natural disasters), the ability of port infrastructure to withstand these events, and more. In preparing for and reducing damage from these hazards, the challenges for ports include problems with communication, personnel, and coordination with local, state, and federal stakeholders. While ports are taking steps to become more resilient, challenges still exist for ports and the maritime industry 

On-Demand Session Topics:
Fomenting Stakeholder Engagement and Management in Port Sustainability
Speaker:  Prof. dr. Michaël Dooms Associate Professor, Management and Strategy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Department of Business – Unit Management and Strategy

Port Resiliency: Interoperability Through Emergency & Business Continuity Planning
Mark Gillan, Director, Emergency Solutions International Inc.

Australian Ports Lay Down Global Marker for Sustainability Planning
Mike Gallacher, CEO, Ports Australia; and Simona Trimarchi, Chair of Ports Australia's Sustainability Working Group, Ports Australia

Focus on AIVP's Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Port Cities
Jose Sanchez, Dr. Ing - International Project Management, AIVP

The Collaborative Process Behind Green Marine's New Community Relations Performance Indicator
Veronique Trudeau, Program Manager for the St. Lawrence Region, Green Marine

Information as Critical Infrastructure
RDML Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D., U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Live Discussion/Q&A with the Speakers
Prof. dr. Michaël Dooms, Unit Management and Strategy
Mark Gillan, Emergency Solutions International Inc.
Mike Gallacher and Simona Trimarchi, Ports Australia
Jose Sanchez, AIVP
Veronique Trudeau, Green Marine
RDML Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D., U.S. Navy (Ret.)
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
4:00 PM

Connect with the Exhibitors. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your maritime industry customers. AAPA’s unique virtual platform is the next best thing to being in person and allows your business or organization to reach a wider audience efficiently. AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo has a lot to offer.
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
5:00 PM

Thursday, 29 October 2020

While ports are the cornerstone of international trade and commerce, they are also increasingly at risk of climate change threats such as rising sea levels, intense storms (including high winds, drenching rain and wave surges from hurricanes), and higher temperatures.  Adapting to water level is constrained both by a lack of appropriate or endorsed engineering standards for maritime infrastructure and in the rate of sea level rise, which may require replacing or updating port infrastructure.  Damage to infrastructure from erosion and storm surge inundation is costly to replace and maintain, particularly where existing coastal defense structures are outdated or in poor repair. More and longer delays to shipping caused by more frequent and larger storm events may also gradually have an impact on the reliability of marine shipping.  

On-Demand Session Topic:
Why the Business Community Cares About Climate Change These Days
Bob Willard, Chief Sustainability Champion and Founder, Sustainability Advantage

Practical Steps to Conduct Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Planning
Greg Fisk, Senior Leader/Australia Office, BMT; Rick Cox, Senior Leader/U.S. Arlington Office, BMT

Turning the Ship: How Port of Seattle is Taking a Local and Regional Approach to Addressing Climate Change and Air Pollution
Alex Adams, Port of Seattle; Ryann Child, Port of Seattle; David Fujimoto, Port of Seattle

Advancing Climate Resilience for U.S. Seaports: Insights from a Decade of Applied Research
Austin Becker, PhD, Visiting Fellow, US Naval War College, University of Rhode Island

Per Tunell, Vice President, COO, Wallenius Marine AB

There is still time to connect with the Exhibitors. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your maritime industry customers. AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo has a lot to offer.
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
3:00 PM

Live Discussion/Q&A with the Speakers
Bob Willard, Sustainability Advantage
Greg Fisk and Rick Cox, BMT 
Alex Adams, Ryann Child, and David Fujimoto, Port of Seattle
Austin Becker, University of Rhode Island
Per Tunell, Wallenius Marine AB
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
4:00 PM

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
5:30 PM

Friday, 30 October 2020

While fossil fuels continue to be the foundation of most energy-dependent nations, businesses worldwide are also investing in virtually every alternative technology.... from wind, water, geothermal and solar power to lithium batteries and even fuels made from algae. Transportation of these myriad energy commodities, as well development of landside assets for production and storage, will continue to provide new and exciting economic development opportunities for ports. In this session, we’ll look at marine terminal development and operations relating to handling different energy commodities, with a particular focus on the policy, permitting and funding challenges. Presenters will also identify community perceptions and misperceptions about handling various energy commodities at ports, and discuss opportunities for cargo growth, taxable investment and/or job creation.

On-Demand Session Topics:
Overview of Today's Energy Industry
Speaker: Sheila Hollis, Acting Executive Director, United States Energy Association (USEA)

Port of Vancouver USA Goes to New Lengths to Support Wind Energy Industry
Alex Strogen, Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Vancouver USA

Offshore Wind Projects Aiding New England Ports
Edward Anthes-Washburn, Executive Director, Port of New Bedford

Have you scheduled your exhibitor appointment? Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your maritime industry customers. AAPA Anywhere: Energy & Environment Seminar & Expo has a lot to offer.
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
3:00 PM

Live Discussion/Q&A with the Speakers
Sheila Hollis, United States Energy Association (USEA)
Alex Strogen, Port of Vancouver USA
Edward Anthes-Washburn, Port of New Bedford

Moderated by:  Douglas Sullivan
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
4:00 PM

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Mr. Stephen AbilleEnSafe Inc.Project Manager(562) 257-1535sabille@ensafe.comABILLE, STEPHEN20ENERGY
Mr. Alex AdamsPort of SeattleSr. Environmental Program Manager(206) 787-3000adams.a@portseattle.orgADAMS, ALEX20ENERGY
Ms. Guiselle AldreteStarcrest Consulting Group, LLCEnvironmental Consultant(409) 790-0571guiselle@starcrestllc.comALDRETE, GUISELLE20ENERGY
Mr. Gregory Alexander, PEP2S Inc.Senior Project Manager(562) 497-2999greg.alexander@p2sinc.comALEXANDER, GREGORY20ENERGY
Ms. Kristin AngPort of TacomaCommissioner(253) 383-5841kang@portoftacoma.comANG, KRISTIN20ENERGY
Mr. Edward C. Anthes-WashburnCrowley Shipping   ANTHES-WASHBURN, EDWARD20ENERGY
Mr. Matthew ArmsPort of Long BeachDirector of Environmental Planning(562) 283-7100matthew.arms@polb.comARMS, MATTHEW20ENERGY
Ms. Julie BarelasAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesGrant Coordinator(703) 684-5700jbarelas@aapa-ports.orgBARELAS, JULIE20ENERGY
Ms. Gretchen Barrera, PEAlabama State Port AuthorityEnvironmental Section Manager(251) 441-7086gbarrera@asdd.comBARRERA, GRETCHEN20ENERGY
Ms. Jenifer BarsellPort of San DiegoDirector, Marketing & Communications(619) 686-6350jbarsell@portofsandiego.orgBARSELL, JENIFER20ENERGY
Mr. Austin Becker, Ph.D.University of Rhode Island Depts. of Marine Affairs & Landscape ArchitectureAssistant Professor of Coastal Planning, Policy, and Design(401) 874-4192abecker@uri.eduBECKER, AUSTIN20ENERGY
Mr. Brandon BergeronPort of BeaumontDirector of Engineering(409) 835-5367bmb@pobtx.comBERGERON, BRANDON20ENERGY
Mr. Patty BoydenPort of Vancouver USA (360) 693-3611pboyden@portvanusa.comBOYDEN, PATTY20ENERGY
Mr. Davie J. BreauxGreater Lafourche Port Commission (Port Fourchon, LA) Deputy Port Director(985) 632-6701davieb@portfourchon.comBREAUX, DAVIE20ENERGY
Mr. Andrew Cameron Communications and Professional Development Facilitator(703) 684-5700 CAMERON, ANDREW20ENERGY
Mr. Richard D. CameronPort of Long BeachDeputy Executive Director of Planning and Development(562) 283-7050rick.cameron@polb.comCAMERON, RICHARD20ENERGY
Mr. Evan ChapmanLegislative Director for the Office of Representative Donald McEachinDirector of Government Relations(703) 684-5700evan.chapman@mail.house.govCHAPMAN, EVAN20ENERGY
Ms. Monica ChastenU.S. Army Corps of EngineersProject Manager Monica.A.Chasten@usace.army.milCHASTEN, MONICA20ENERGY
Mrs. Sadé ChickPort of BeaumontDirector of Corporate Affairs(409) 835-5367sc@pobtx.comCHICK, SADE20ENERGY
Ryann ChildPort of SeattleSr. Environmental Mgmt. Spec.(206) 787-3278child.r@portseattle.orgCHILD, RYANN20ENERGY
Mr. Christopher "Kit" ChopeVirginia Port AuthorityVice President, Sustainability(757) 683-2152kchope@portofvirginia.comCHOPE, CHRISTOPHER "KIT"20ENERGY
Ms. Christie CoatsPort of New OrleansDirector of Real Estate(504) 528-3320Christie.Coats@portnola.comCOATS, CHRISTIE20ENERGY
Mr. Chris ConnorAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesPresident & CEO(703) 684-5700cconnor@aapa-ports.orgCONNOR, CHRIS20ENERGY
Mr. John Connor Americas Regional Sales Director(704) 873-3009john.connor@cavotec.comCONNOR, JOHN20ENERGY
Mr. Chris CooleyPort Tampa BayDirector of Environmental Affairs(813) 905-5030ccooley@tampaport.comCOOLEY, CHRIS20ENERGY
Paula Copeland, BA, MA, PPMPort Saint JohnDirector, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility(506) 650-5288pcopeland@sjport.comCOPELAND, PAULA20ENERGY
Mr. Brian CoxPort of South LouisianaDirector of Operations(985) 652-9278 X1110bcox@portsl.comCOX, BRIAN20ENERGY
Rick CoxBMT  rcox@bmtdp.comCOX, RICK20ENERGY
Ms. Maggi CoyleAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesExecutive Assistant and Office Manager(703) 684-5700mcoyle@aapa-ports.orgCOYLE, MAGGI20ENERGY
Melissa DaileyPort of San DiegoSenior Environmental Specialist(619) 686-6200mdailey@portofsandiego.orgDAILEY, MELISSA20ENERGY
Mr. Cary DavisAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesDirector of Government Relations & General Counsel(267) 625-1551cdavis@aapa-ports.orgDAVIS, CARY20ENERGY
Rafael Díaz-BalartAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesLatin American Coordinator305-389-1878rdbalart@aapa-ports.orgDIAZ-BALART, RAFAEL20ENERGY
Mr. Walter J. Dinicola, P.E.Anchor QEA, LLCPrincipal Engineer(410) 794-7783wdinicola@anchorqea.comDINICOLA, WALTER20ENERGY
Taylor DolvenMiami HeraldTourism Reporter(305) 376-2052tdolven@miamiherald.comDOLVEN, TAYLOR20ENERGY
Mr. Aaron E. Ellis, APR, Fellow PRSAAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesDirector of Public Affairs(703) 706-4714 ELLIS, AARON20ENERGY
Mr. Greg Fisk   greg.fisk@bmtglobal.comFISK, GREG20ENERGY
Ms. Sarah FromanEPA Office of Transportation and Air QualityTeam Lead, EPA Ports Initiative froman.sarah@epa.govFROMAN, SARAH20ENERGY
Mr. David FujimotoPort of SeattleSr. Environmental Program Manager(206) 787-3000fujimoto.d2@portseattle.orgFUJIMOTO, DAVID20ENERGY
Mr. Michael GallacherPorts AustraliaExecutive Director011-2-9247-7581mgallacher@portsaustralia.com.auGALLACHER, MICHAEL20ENERGY
R. Adm. Tim GallaudetNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationAsst. Secretary of Commerce for Oceans & Atmosphere  GALLAUDET, TIM20ENERGY
Mark GillanEmergency Solutions International  mark.gillan@esintl.caGILLAN, MARK20ENERGY
Renita M. GrossAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesDirector of Event Planning and Data Operations(703) 706-4701rgross@aapa-ports.orgGROSS, RENITA20ENERGY
Tanja GrzeskowitzThe Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (212) 435-4218tgrzeskowitz@panynj.govGRZESKOWITZ, TANJA20ENERGY
Mr. William H. HansonGreat Lakes Dredge and Dock Company LLCSVP, Govt Relations & Business Dev.(630) 699-0896WHHanson@gldd.comHANSON, WILLIAM20ENERGY
Ms. Lisa HendriksenPort of LongviewDirector of Planning and Environmental Services(360) 703-0207lhendriksen@portoflongview.comHENDRIKSEN, LISA20ENERGY
Sheila HollisUnited States Energy Association  shollis@usea.orgHOLLIS, SHEILA20ENERGY
Mr. Tom Hranac Asst. Director of Membership Services & Latin Am Facilitator(703) 706-4708 HRANAC, TOM20ENERGY
Maranda Jones-AndersonAmerican Association of Port AuthoritiesDirector of Finance and Grants Management(703) 684-5700mjones-anderson@aapa-ports.orgJONES-ANDERSON, MARANDA20ENERGY
Mr. Jason E. JordanThe Northwest Seaport AllianceDirector, Environmental and Planning Services(253) 830-5321jjordan@nwseaportalliance.comJORDAN, JASON20ENERGY