Industry Recognized Port Certificate (IRPC) Registration

The Industry Recognized Port Certificate (IRPC) is a professional development certificate program focused on enhancing the participant’s fundamental knowledge of the port industry and to introduce them to AAPA and the greater port professional community. AAPA has partnered with Lamar University’s Center for Advances in Port Management to develop relevant curriculum for the modern port professional’s needs.

To apply to the IRPC, you must:

  1. Register and pay for the IRPC on the AAPA website;
  2. Apply to the Lamar University Master's of Science in Port and Terminal Management (MPTM)*; and
  3. Submit your resume to AAPA by emailing a PDF version to Andrew Cameron, [email protected]

Applications are due by July 28th.

*By applying to the MPTM program you will be enrolled into the required online course (INEN-5302), but you are not required to complete the full Master’s program. There is a $25 application fee on the website. This fee is not included in the AAPA program registration cost.

Online registration not available.

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